Battery and powerhouse slotfor Trailers and Trailers that power electrical and hydraulic equipment, with unique recharge from the tractor-trailer's lighting circuit.

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Battery backup with unique trailer and trailers charger - since 2000


Road safety, efficient and environmentally friendly. Saves fuel, less idle driving provides operating economy and is reliable.
Swedish manufacturing.

P-LIGHT serves...

... everything from parking lights to power sockets for tailbacks and fridge/heating cabinets etc. Hydro models also have built-in hydraulics for most hydraulic needs.

Important to think about!

Every day there are many short-term parkings of trailers and trailers on our roads, some good, others less good, many even deadly. Here's what the Law says.

ELMIA Truck 21-24/8 2024

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P-LIGHT – A powerful product family

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P-LIGHT for lighting and flash light

Midi and Maxi operate lighting such as parking lights, work lighting, inner lighting and flash lights with or without radio/remote control.

Simple installation. Swedish manufacturing.

Midi – Maxi

P-LIGHT for electrical equipment

Power electrical equipment. The same features as Midi and Maxi + that they run the most features available a trailer has. The trailer becomes independent and can always be used with full function regardless of the tractor-trailer. See function overview.

Maxi XL – Magnum – Magnum Frame

P-LIGHT for hydraulic equipment

Operates hydraulic equipment. The same features as Midi and Maxi + that they run the most features available a trailer has. The trailer becomes independent and can always be used with full function regardless of the tractor-trailer. See function overview.

Hydro Comp – Hydro – Hydro Frame

P-LIGHT Partners

Bodybuilders, workshops and dealers offering P-LIGHT products and spare parts.

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"Stay Fresh Sweden AB - A company in the Börje Jönsson group...

...runs a 100% electrified trailer tractor with a refrigerated trailer that is also powered by electricity and charged by a generator mounted on the central axle.

Rear lift...

...and the equipment on the trailer is powered by a P-LIGHT Magnum Frame. The P-LIGHT has a unique charging system that uses the car's lighting circuit. One of the main advantages of the P-LIGHT is that the trailer becomes independent of the tractor and all functions can be operated when the trailer is disconnected or the truck is switched off, as soon as the trailer is connected to the tractor the batteries are intelligently recharged.
The vehicle was put into service in autumn 2021 and runs between Helsingborg and Gothenburg, about 600 miles a week. The vehicle has a range of between 250 and 300 km and can be charged in about 45 minutes."

Now it has covered 22,000 miles, impressive!

P-LIGHT Magnum provides reliable taillift on truck, trailer and trailer

The P-LIGHT Magnum is the most environmentally friendly and reliable option to drive the rear lift on both the truck, trailer and trailer. It is a battery and powerpack with unique charging. For trailers, charge up to 10A or 20A and for truck 25 or 45A on the ride depending on the power you choose.

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P-LIGHT Feature Overview

Here are examples of what each P-LIGHT model can control and operate as well as what maximum socket it has and what effect it can have. Use this as a guide to find the right model for your needs.

If you need help figuring out what is needed to operate the functions you need to contact us, we will help you find the right model with the right power, charging, battery, etc.

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P-LIGHT – Sales and Assembly

P-LIGHT is sold by us, builders, workshops and spare parts companies. They are mounted by builders, importers, factories, branded workshops and independent workshops.

Many of these have extensive experience with P-LIGHT and have been fitted and serviced these for years.

Distributors in Denmark and FinlandP-LIGHT Partners

P-LIGHT Support and Sales

Availability, documents and information

We have staffed support 07-16 every weekday

All information and documents can be found at:

Together with FAQ and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. The support page is updated continuously with information and documents.

We are happy to help you with your questions. Please contact us!

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For the fastest and easiest processing, contact with the right department directly.

Certificates and Membership

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, with our business area P-LIGHT members of Lastfordonsgruppen, a group that brings together Swedish companies in the production of bodies and trailers for trucks.