Battery and powerhouse slotfor Trailers and Trailers that power electrical and hydraulic equipment, with unique recharge from the tractor-trailer's lighting circuit.



P-LIGHT is a battery backup for trailers and trailers with hydraulics and electric power recharged via the vehicle's lighting circuit.

P-LIGHT has become a standard product of many manufacturers and can today be ordered as factory mounted by most manufacturers in Scandinavia and most European builders.

Importers often retrofit in Sweden when they adapt the trailer or trailer to swedish customers.

P-LIGHT serves everything from:

– Parking lights, flash lights, inner/work lighting

– Vibrator, drawrail, electrical equipment, etc.

– Power withdrawals for hydraulic equipment such as tailbacks, ramps, chapels, etc.

– to 1- and 2-axis control.

– With or without remote control.

P-LIGHT delivers

Meanwhile, withdrawals in W can be made from 100W to 270W and in force from 100A to 300A.

The power of hydraulic engines is between 2kW to 4.5kW.

Recharging can take place with between 10A and 30A, it has batteries between 17Ah to 200Ah.

The operating time depends on withdrawals but with a 45A battery it is 21 h at 50W socket.

P-LIGHT – Sales and Assembly

P-LIGHT is sold by us, builders, workshops and spare parts companies. They are mounted by builders, importers, factories, branded workshops and independent workshops. Many of these have extensive experience with P-LIGHT and have been fitted and serviced these for years.

Our sales and support department is out visiting these for update and training when changes occur.