Battery and powerhouse slotfor Trailers and Trailers that power electrical and hydraulic equipment, with unique recharge from the tractor-trailer's lighting circuit.



P-LIGHT is a battery and power pack that powers lighting, electrical and hydraulic functions on trucks, trailers and trailers.
Everything assumes that charging takes place with up to 10A from the vehicle's lighting circuit and thus all P-LIGHT has the function that parking and position lights can be switched on when parking the trailer/trailer.
Extended charging is available up to 45Ah and the battery capacity is from 18Ah to 200Ah. P-LIGHT operates the most common electrical and hydraulic functions on trailers and trailers, see function overview on page 6.
One of the main advantages of the P-LIGHT is that the trailer/trailer becomes independent of the towing car and all functions can be run when the trailer is disconnected, as soon as the trailer is connected to the towing car, the batteries are intelligently recharged.
When the towing car is switched on, the P-LIGHT acts as an accumulator that balances the sockets from the car.

To P-LIGHT Function Overview

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