Battery and powerhouse slotfor Trailers and Trailers that power electrical and hydraulic equipment, with unique recharge from the tractor-trailer's lighting circuit.

Tailback lift

P-LIGHT Magnum to the tailgate lift

The P-LIGHT Magnum is the most environmentally friendly and reliable option to drive the rear lift on both the truck, trailer and trailer. It is a battery and powerpack with unique charging. For trailers, charge up to 10A or 25A and for truck 25 or 45A on the ride depending on the power you choose.

For the truck: The P-LIGHT Magnum Frame gives you a reliable everyday life as it relieves the car's system and ensures that the tail lift works without burdening the car. This means that the car's system is not overloaded with start-up problems as a result and that you can use the rear lift without the engine running.

For the trailer or trailer: P-LIGHT Magnum is the best alternative to powering the tail lift on the trailer/trailer. It is a battery and power pack with unique charging. It charges up to 10A or 20A while traveling depending on the power you choose.
If you drive short distances and use the lift many times a day, you need to have 20A charging, you drive longer distances and only use the lift a few times a day you can do with 10A charge.
One of the many advantages is also that you can operate the lift without having the car connected, perfect when you are going to unload or set the trailer and reload between car and trailer.
P-LIGHT Magnum is recommended by most lift manufacturers.
See also feature overview.

Function Overview

P-LIGHT - Trailer and trailer connection proposal

Field tests and tests

Field tests, functional and operational tests have been carried out with ZEPRO and several haulage stations, they have shown that P-LIGHT is reliable, environmentally friendly and reliable power source for the operation of tailbacks on trailers, trailers and trucks.